Para - Ushrukkul (Lyric video) Samuthirakani | Chandini Tamilarasan | Anuradha Sriram | Keera

#Ushrukkul#Para Parais a 2019 Upcoming Movie starring #Samuthirakani#Chandini Tamilarasan directed by Keera . And music composed By M.S.Sreekanth & comedy actor Munishkanth Ramdoss in lead role.Track Credits:Track: #UshrukkulSinger:Anuradha Sriram,Keshav VinodLyrics:SnehanMusic: M.S.SreekanthDirector : KeeraEditor: Sabu JosephStarring - Samuthirakani, Chandini TamilarasanProducer : Varanalya Cine CreationMusic Label : New Music♪ Hear it now on your favorite Apps ♪Apple Music ► Play ► Saavn ► Music ►Music ► LATEST UPDATES :Subscribe us : us on : us on :us on : us on Songs :

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