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Also Girl: um that’s not true

Angela BauCr

5:38 Is the best

Коля Коваленко

Да ну вас на хер. Юбикиииии <3


They are all but Shannon seem upset Warriors are in trouble.


How do you not have more recognition for what you do?! I subscribed

#PinkandGold Gamer

If they ever break up I think I’ll be more heart broken then Annie 😂

M Hidayat


NaSa RuIz


Alan Crochet

Really out of content huh this is just bad

Thomenthian Williams




1% Is people who actually talks about the video...

Twisted Flower

These are nice you need to make more of these :D

Emanuelly Silva

When I was going on YouTube I actadently taped Insta gram


Haha Im from Poland

Cassie Stoddard

17 and 24 ...... yeah not good

vangelis dourakis

i dont get 6

Also her: “ A psychopath broke into my house!”

X Almeida PT

These easter eggs are so damn fun how did you put these easter eggs and how the hell did people found these easter eggs?

poonam krishna

It looked like checkers

Sathiyamoorthi Raju

We always support you


How i can sent to u my story ?? I will give you an advise. If you want to stop smoking, don't do it in the first place, you'll be more addictive to it if you keep doing it.

Moocow & Thumbs up emoji


Jacqueline Mama

I'm very sorry for your and your families loss. My heart goes out to you all. God bless. 😢❤

Elara Nova

Am I the only one who doesn’t find this relatable. I was a weird kid and got bullied, but it never lasted long. Whenever I got bullied I would just not listen or care about it. If they would get mad at me and hit me, I would falcon punch them back and then ran away

Nick Osowski

In wheel unfortunate, there should be a pass slot


I love u

Purple Winnie

How did people get here so fast?I'M 6 HOURS LATE!

Sophia Redwood

Am I the only one that was hurt and angry by this ending?


:) neat

Nascar for life 18

There was contact on the floor at 00:02 seconds remaining? Bad Call?

Aquiles Earth wormy

You need that much sunscreen

Mohsin Qureshi

So funny 😂😂

Root Felix Björn

Oh! Its a double rainbow all the way...oh my god!



Nikanoka_ 11

Why am I surprised cuz' he's from the Philippines? (I'm from Philippines too lol)

Lucifers Goat

That ending tho😂

Getrekt_21savag3 Playz

I can't believe his hands said f*** you (middle finger)

he voices Pikachu and Pikachu...

TheInsaneGamer 101

Do panda edition


Inga: Eat your vegetables children!

Maria Roman

Jesus I never knew anything about him when he was on this Earth...and now after learning about him through interviews and videos...and all the horrific news on his murder...I cry everytime one of his friends makes a video about him or any posthumously dedication. R.I.P. Ermias

XiangQi Heng

Ty and his dad look alike


the 3 strike thing was rigged

And Knuckles

Woman: Cancer is for people who are like 50!